RadBay is an internet based auction site that matches up hospitals, imaging centers, and physician offices (including other radiology groups in the case of night reads) with radiologists through an online bidding process.

For Radiologist

Radiologists can bid on the types of studies that they want to read, work as much or as little as they want, whenever and from where ever they want.

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For Hospitals & Imaging Centers

For hospitals & imaging centers, RadBay offers sub specialty rapid interpretation by a radiologist with the qualifications specified by the facility at auction prices.


RadBay supports your community - RadBay seeks to contribute a portion of every dollar it makes to support local communities and national nonprofits. Locally we primarily seek to support organizations that help the homeless learn life skills and find jobs. Nationally we support cancer and other medical research. If you are a patient or RadBay user and want to recommend a non-profit for contribution, email us at support@RadBay.com.