About RadBay

RadBay is an internet based auction site that matches up hospitals, imaging centers, and physician offices (including other radiology groups in the case of night reads) with radiologists through an online bidding process.

Our Goals

When digital images can almost instantly be transferred anywhere that there is an internet connection, why are so few studies read by a radiology sub-specialist and why are they just assigned to a single radiologist instead of the next available radiologist?

Goals of the American Radilology Exchange, LLC:

  • All studies should be read by a radiologist with sub-specialty interest/training.
  • Workload should be more widely shared so that studies can be interpreted almost immediately by the next available specialized radiologist.
  • Facilities and referring physicians should be able to easily give feedback so that exceptionally good or bad radiologists can be identified for more or less referrals (without local political influence), respectively.