How the Exchange works for Radiologists

After a radiologist has signed up and installed our PACS partner’s viewer, his/her account is activated on RadBay. Imaging centers send studies to the RadBay PACS which sends the study info to RadBay to be auctioned to qualified radiologists for competitive bidding. You can bid on single or multiple studies at once. Once a study is auctioned, the radiologist will interpret it and sign off on the report in a specified time. The time is different based on the priority (stat, ASAP, routine) of each study. Once you interpret a study, it will be transcribed by the imaging center’s transcriptionist. After you sign your report on the PACS, RadBay bills the imaging center for the interpretation. RadBay then pays you after receiving payment from the imaging center.

FAQs by Radiologists

Q: I don’t want to bid on individual studies, can I bid on multiple studies at once?
A: Yes. However, we encourage all radiologists to bid, win, and dictate a few individual studies the first time they use RadBay. Once you have gained some experience, our automated multi-bidding engine allows you to filter the type and volume of work you want to win so you do not have to individually bid on studies. It will even run in the background while you are working or getting your morning coffee.
Q: What type of equipment do I need to interpret studies?
A: We require radiologists follow ACR technical guidelines for equipment. Our PACS partner requires a minimum upload speed of 500Kbps and a download speed of 1MBps (1Mbps upload and 5Mbps download speeds recommended). You may also review additional hardware requirements and supported microphones. If you need a workstation, one can be be obtained from our PACS partner. Call 1-800-366-5343 for sales.
Q: What are the benefits to using RadBay?
A: You can bid on the types of studies that you want to read, work as much or as little as you want, whenever and from where ever you want. In addition, you are only dependent on the imaging center to pay and don’t have to worry about collections from selfpay patients or billing office fees. If you have a little spare time, you can work for a few minutes and stop. Studies auctioned on nights and holidays will probably bring a higher rate than day work.
Q: I don’t like reading a particular modality, can I limit the studies I bid on?
A: Yes, RadBay allows you to filter by modality and body part. For instance, maybe you like reading CTs but aren’t interested in CTs of the head or neck, you can filter out these two particular studies.
Q: Are old studies available for radiologist comparison?
A: Yes, technologists are allowed to upload old studies for comparison without charge. In addition, any studies previously auctioned on RadBay are available for comparison as long as the imaging center uses the same patient identification number.
Q: What do I do if there is a problem with a study?
A: In the event that there is a problem, RadBay allows for you to flag the study as an exception and contact the technologist as you normally would. Once the study is corrected, you have the option of reading the study or having it re-auctioned.
Q: Can I restrict the imaging centers for which I read studies?
A: Yes. If you find that you do not like the quality of studies for a particular imaging center, you can exclude them from your list of imaging centers.
Q: I’m only qualifed to read in certain states, how does that work?
A: RadBay automatically only shows you the studies that you are qualified to bid on based on the credentials you submit.
Q: How much does RadBay cost?
A: RadBay charges a small percentage of the auction amount.
Q: Am I limited in the amount of work I can do?
A: RadBay keeps up with how much work you are winning based on RVUs and will stop you from bidding once a certain level is reached. But once you have signed your reports, you can start bidding again. You can also set your maximum RVU limit.
Q: What web browsers are supported by RadBay?
A: RadBay supports the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 4, Chrome, and Safari 4. Please note the PACs system used by RadBay requires IE.